LTR Medical has entered an exclusive distribution agreement with Woo Young Medical to distribute their new generation of elastomeric infusion technologies into the Australian market. Woo Young Medical are one of the global leaders in ambulatory infusion technology, based in Korea. Pictured here are Lee Rodne, CEO of LTR Medical and Brian Cha, COO/President of Woo Young Medical.

The Accufuser range has several unique key technical features and clinical benefits that set it apart from the generic elastomeric pumps. It allows patients to receive their chemotherapy, antibiotics or pain medication either at home or in hospital, and to mobilise without being tied to an electronic infusion pump.

The Accufuser range includes continuous flow pumps, selectable rate continuous flow pumps and PCA pumps with either a fixed or selectable basal rate.  The range is available in 60ml, 100ml, 200ml,  300ml and 600ml.

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