Advanced features with a focus on accuracy, efficacy and patient safety

Clinical applications:

  • Blood pressure measurement
  • Blood sample collection
  • Rapid intravenous transfusion
  • Long-term venous access
  • Long-term parenteral nutrition
  • Infusion of irritating or hyperosmotic drugs
  • Temporary haemodialysis access
  • Prevention of chemical phlebitis and drug extravasation
  • Multi-lumen for infusing incompatible drugs

Catheter has a soft tip to minimise trauma to vessels and is connected with polymer integrated technology to ensure security. It is manufactured from DEHP-free medical-grade polyurethane and is radiopaque to enable location under X-ray. The tubing scale markings to observe depth of insertion and adapts to vascular shape while retaining anti-kink properties.

The fixation wing is made of polypropylene and silicone rubber.

The guide wire is manufactured from Nitinol, giving it superelastic mechanical properties and has a J-tip to reduce the risk of trauma to vessel wall.

Product Details

Code Description
FV-2424 CVC Kit – Double lumen 4F – 13cm 0.018″ x 50cm. 5.5F x 6cm 20 Ga
FV-2726 CVC Kit – Double lumen 7F – 20cm 0.035″x60cm. 8F x 10cm 18 Ga
FV-3726 CVC Kit – Triple lumen 7F – 20cm 0.035″x60cm. 8F x 10cm 18 Ga
FV-4925 CVC Kit – Quad lumen 8.5F – 16cm 0.035″x50cm. 9F x 10cm 18 Ga