The Go Medical Springfusor® is a spring-driven, lightweight multiple use pump. When used with Flow Control Tubing (FCT) is intended to provide constant intravenous (IV) or subcutaneous (SC) infusions in either a 10ml, 30ml or 50ml configuration at a variety of pre-set flow rates. It requires no programming or external power source and is simple to use, with only minimal training required.

The Springfusor® syringe infusion pump is designed to be used with the Go Medical FCT and accompanying syringe which are connected to a patient’s cannula/port via standard luer lock fittings. The FCT and syringe are supplied sterile for single patient use and are available in a variety of flow rates and sizes depending on the variety of Springfusor® pump used.

The Springfusor® is loaded with the syringe attached to the required FCT. Fluids are delivered to the patient via the FCT attached to the patient’s cannula/port by the energy stored in the spring, which provides a constant force to the barrel of the loaded syringe. The flow rate is controlled by the FCT; with the operator selecting the required flow rate from the range of colour coded FCT’s available.

The Springfusor® is suitable for the delivery of antibiotics, antiemetics, subcutaneous immunoglobulin (SCIg) and any other medication that can be delivered in the available volumes over specific time periods.

FCT Flow Rates

SF10 SF30 SF50
FCT 10ml in 5 minutes FCT 30ml in 5 minutes FCT 50ml in 15 minutes
FCT 10ml in 15 minutes FCT 30ml in 15 minutes FCT 50ml in 30 minutes
FCT 10ml in 30 minutes FCT 30ml in 30 minutes FCT 50ml in 60 minutes
FCT 10ml in 60 minutes FCT 30ml in 60 minutes FCT 50ml in 90 minutes
FCT 10ml in 4 hours FCT 30ml in 2 hours FCT 50ml in 2 hours
FCT 10ml in 8 hours FCT 30ml in 4 hours
FCT 30ml in 24 hours

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