The Furine External Faecal Catheter system offers critically ill and vulnerable patients suffering from Acute Faecal Incontinence associated with Diarrhoea (AFID) security, dignity and quality of life. Innovation with focus on the patient, it is the first non-invasive faecal catheter on the market

The Furine External Faecal Catheter system provides extra protection of the skin with a unique two-component adhesive technology that ensures the catheter is instantly and security sealed to the skin. The adhesive is easy to gently remove without damaging the skin using Furine’s Medical Skin Wipes.

As a non-invasive catheter the risk of damage to the sphincter muscles or intestinal tissue of the rectum is eliminated. It also allows patients to be safely mobility to a sitting position for prolonged periods.

The safe and discreet collection bag is non-transparent with an integrated window. A secure attachment to the bed is provided in the kit and the bag is equipped with an effective coal filter that reduces odour and ensures the escape of air from the bag.

Security – Dignity – Quality of Life