LTR signs exclusive agreement to distribute TwitchView™ in Australia and New Zealand

July 15th, 2021|

LTR Medical has signed an agreement with Blink Device Company, an American based manufacturer to distribute TwitchView™ in the Australian and New Zealand markets. Blink Device Company, founded in Seattle by industry veterans, develops best in class technologies that address important patient safety concerns while reducing hospital costs. TwitchView is an objective train-of-four (TOF) monitor for neuromuscular blockade and the first stand-alone EMG (electromyographic) based technology. With EMG monitoring described as the gold standard for monitoring neuromuscular blockade, TwitchView™ has the potential to make a significant impact. Preceeded by a successful United States launch, this distribution agreement to bring TwitchView to market in Australia and New Zealand marks a significant further step in making this new medical technology available to healthcare providers to help deliver improved patient care and cost saving benefits. Danny Zanardo, VP Commercial LTR Medical, commented: “The team at LTR Medical are excited to partner with Blink [...]

Introducing SAFIRA™ to Veterinary Practice

July 14th, 2021|

LTR Medical and Medovate, the manufacturer of SAFIRA™ have signed an agreement which will allow us to assess the potential for distribution of SAFIRA™ for veterinary use across Australia and New Zealand. SAFIRA™ - a revolutionary new technology that transforms regional anaesthesia into a one-person procedure - was originally developed for human patient use in hospitals, but there is huge potential for its unique benefits to be extended to veterinary regional anaesthesia. Over the coming months we will work to engage with veterinary practices to secure evaluations of SAFIRA™ for veterinary applications. The studies will complement the UK studies that are already underway providing further insights and evidence of the potential for SAFIRA™ in small animal anaesthesia. SAFIRA™ incorporates a unique safety solution that limits injection pressure, helping to reduce the risk of nerve injury. In current regional anaesthesia procedures, two operators are often needed, including a second operator [...]

Dr Minh Tran

May 17th, 2021|

Watch this great video with Dr Minh Tran discussing his experiencing using the SAFIRA™ in practice. Medovate talked with Dr Minh T. Tran after he had successfully used SAFIRA™ with a number of patients undergoing regional anaesthesia. Watch here: Dr Tran is based in Sydney and it was great to hear his positive feedback on his experience of using the device for upper limb blocks, as well as hip and knee surgeries. Watch the short video to hear Dr Tran's thoughts on the autonomy SAFIRA™ gives anaesthetists, as well as the consistency of injection pressure. As the Australian and New Zealand distributor for SAFIRA™, LTR Medical are available to help any regional anaesthetists who would like to see the benefits of this exciting technology for themselves. For further information, call 1800 319 419 or visit our product page SAFIRA™ SAFIRA™: SAFer Injection for Regional Anaesthesia Creates a single operator procedure Engineered [...]


February 25th, 2021|

Another satisfied Anaesthetist evaluating the SAFIRA – SAFer Injection for Regional Anaesthesia.  Providing safer and easier Regional Anaesthesia. For more information  call us on 1800 319 419 or visit our product page SAFIRA™  

CitraFlow™ 4%, 30% and 46.7% Prefilled Syringes

December 14th, 2020|

LTR Medical is pleased to announce that CitraFlow™ Prefilled Syringes have gained TGA approval. CitraFlow™ 4%, 30% and 46.7% prefilled syringes are a proven alternative to heparin for flushing and locking catheters/ports on patients. Sodium citrate avoids the risks associated with systemic heparinisation and is safe for use in patients with suspected or confirmed Heparin Induced Thrombocytopenia. Clinical studies have shown that the use of ananticoagulant Sodium Citrate solution to lock central venous catheters has significant advantages compared to existing standards of care. CitraFlow™ is highly effective in maintaining catheter patency, works as an anticoagulant and decreases the incidence of infection. CitraFlow™ is designed for use in a sterile field. For more information, visit our product page MedXL - LTR Medical or call us on 1800 319 419

SAFIRA™ SAFer Injeciton for Regional Anaesthesia

December 10th, 2020|

LTR Medical is proud to announce that with TGA approval we will move to the next stage in launching the SAFIRA™ - SAFer Injection for Regional Anaesthesia in the Australian and New Zealand markets. Manufactured by Medovate, the SAFIRA™ gives Anaesthetists control over regional anaesthesia blocks by making it a single operator procedure.  With an engineered safety solution to control injection pressure threshold, it reduces the change of nerve injury. LTR Medical CEO Lee Rodne commented: “The team at LTR Medical are excited to introduce the SAFIRA® to the Australian and New Zealand Markets. This groundbreaking new technology gives Anaesthetists greater control when placing nerve blocks and reduces the chance of nerve damage, improving patient outcomes.” For further information, visit our product page or call us on 1800 319 419.

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