LTR Medical is an Australian medical device distribution company committed to clinical excellence in the products we supply and the customer service we deliver.

Our vision is to improve patient care and simplify treatment for health-care providers. We source and supply safe and effective medical and surgical devices for hospitals, medical practices and home carers.

LTR Medical products are selected based on an exceptionally high standard of clinical efficiency and excellence in safety, design and delivery. Our product range is sourced from trusted, high quality medical device developers and manufacturers committed to clinical excellence and patient safety, distributed by LTR Medical throughout Australia and New Zealand.

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Accumate 1200

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Springfusor and FCT

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Nasal Spray

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O’Neil Urinary Catheter

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Eldor Catheter Kit

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Med XL

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CIMPAX Wound Infiltration Kit

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Trade & Investment Queensland helped LTR Medical ensure continuation of parts delivery during COVID-19 lock-down in Singapore

Recently Trade & Investment Queensland (TIQ) sprang into action to assist LTR Medical deliver parts necessary to provide medical devices required for an expected increased need.  A component supplier in Singapore was unable to manufacture parts required for the Springfusor and V-Set devices due to production difficulties caused by COVID-19. TIQ contacted the relevant Singapore Government department and within 3 days they had helped resolve some supply-chain issues and manufacturing was back at full capacity. LTR Medical is extremely grateful for TIQ’s assistance in making this possible. CEO Lee Rodne said it was great working with TIQ and he appreciated the support provided, resulting in front-line healthcare teams receiving the essential medical devices during the COVID-19 crisis. Read the full story here https://www.tiq.qld.gov.au/tiq-helps-ltr-keep-medical-supplies-flowing/

Springfusor 50/60ml

Did you know the Springfusor has a 50/60ml model? The larger volume allows delivery of a number of antibiotics. A quick check of the latest edition of The Australian Injectable Drugs Handbook (SHPA) showed around 20 antibiotics suitable for delivery in 50mls.  By reducing the volume of the diluent, you are reducing the risk of fluid overload. This is particularly relevant in patients with Renal or Cardiac co-morbidities.  Another benefit of using the Springfusor is that patients are not tethered to a large infusion pump and IV pole, allowing mobilisation, which facilitates the potential for admission avoidance and early discharge. For more information on the Springfusor 50/60ml visit our product page or call Customer Service on 1800 319 419.

Accufuser for HITH

With HITH services becoming a mainstay of current medical therapy, there is likely to be a rise in the use of these services due to economic pressures and patient demographics. In her 2016 article “Optimising patient safety when using elastomeric pumps to administer outpatient parenteral antibiotic therapy” Gemma Oliver found the Accufuser to be safe and easy to use. 100% of the nurses involved in the study found the Accufuser to be clinically acceptable.  The evaluation showed the Accufuser to be a safe, cost-effective strategy for OPAT treatment, well accepted by both staff and patients.  Please see the abstract here https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/27792443. For further information on the Accufuser visit our product page or call Customer Service on  1800 319 419.

Accufuser Product Launch

LTR Medical has entered an exclusive distribution agreement with Woo Young Medical to distribute their new generation of elastomeric infusion technologies into the Australian market. Woo Young Medical are one of the global leaders in ambulatory infusion technology, based in Korea. Pictured here are Lee Rodne, CEO of LTR Medical and Brian Cha, COO/President of Woo Young Medical. The Accufuser range has several unique key technical features and clinical benefits that set it apart from the generic elastomeric pumps. It allows patients to receive their chemotherapy, antibiotics or pain medication either at home or in hospital, and to mobilise without being tied to an electronic infusion pump. The Accufuser range includes continuous flow pumps, selectable rate continuous flow pumps and PCA pumps with either a fixed or selectable basal rate.  The range is available in 60ml, 100ml, 200ml,  300ml and 600ml. For more information, visit our product page or call [...]

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