LTR Medical has signed an agreement with Blink Device Company, an American based manufacturer to distribute TwitchView™ in the Australian and New Zealand markets.

Blink Device Company, founded in Seattle by industry veterans, develops best in class technologies that address important patient safety concerns while reducing hospital costs.

TwitchView is an objective train-of-four (TOF) monitor for neuromuscular blockade and the first stand-alone EMG (electromyographic) based technology. With EMG monitoring described as the gold standard for monitoring neuromuscular blockade, TwitchView™ has the potential to make a significant impact.

Preceeded by a successful United States launch, this distribution agreement to bring TwitchView to market in Australia and New Zealand marks a significant further step in making this new medical technology available to healthcare providers to help deliver improved patient care and cost saving benefits.

Danny Zanardo, VP Commercial LTR Medical, commented:

“The team at LTR Medical are excited to partner with Blink Device Company to bring TwitchView to Anaesthetists and patients in the Australian and New Zealand Markets. We believe the TwitchView is a vital addition to modern anaesthesia management and that it stands alone amongst train of four (ToF) monitors. We look forward to a long-term collaboration with Blink Device Company.”

Justin Hulvershorn, MD, PhD and CEO of Blink, commented:

“As anaesthesia guidelines are being updated globally to require the use of quantitative monitoring, we’re seeing demand grow rapidly for the TwitchView.  We are actively seeking established, international partners to help us meet that demand. We believe that LTR’s impressive team and relationships in this market as well as their complementary portfolio make them an ideal partner for Blink Device Company.”

About TwitchView™

TwitchView™ provides quantitative train of four (ToF) monitoring which eliminates the guesswork in the assessment of neuromuscular blockade.  Validated electromyography (EMG) with TwitchView provides continuous measurements to inform clinical decisions and the TOF ratio needed to confirm patient recovery.

The TwitchView trend plot displays the individual patient’s progression of block and recovery. Patient’s specific pharmaco-dynamics inform the precise dosing of neuromuscular blockade and reversal agents. With TwitchView, practitioners can optimise drug utilisation, avoid residual neuromuscular block, and prevent the associated adverse effects.