On Saturday Danny Zanardo, VP Commercial and Anna Montgomery, Product Manager attended the PAnaesthesia Conference at the Princess Alexandra Hospital in Brisbane.  Being the first face-to-face conference in a very long time, it was a great opportunity to demonstrate new, game-changing devices that improve patient safety.

SAFIRA is a groundbreaking new technology for regional anaesthesia.  It allows a single anaesthetist to conduct a whole regional block as a one operator procedure.  The SAFIRA improves patient safety by limiting the injection pressure to 20psi, thereby reducing the risk of nerve damage.

TwitchView is a Train of Four Monitor that is like GPS for neuromuscular blocks.  Quantitative train of four monitoring eliminates the guesswork in the assessment of neuromuscular blockade.  Validated electromyography with TwitchView provides continuous measurements to inform clinical decisions and the TOF ratio needed to confirm patient recovery.  ANZCA PS18 Guideline on monitoring during anaesthesia (2017) states that quantitative neuromuscular function monitoring must be available for every patient in whom neuromuscular blockade has been induced and should be used whenever the anaesthetist is considering extubation following the use of non-depolarising neuromuscular blockade.

To be able to share these innovative products in person was a great opportunity to share the potential to improve patient safety.