The MICROi™ Blade inserts into tissue like any needle, yet slices tissue like any scalpel with a retracting blade. This practical tool creates a micro-invasive
access point for arm, hand, foot, ankle, and fascia surgical procedures.

Position the needle near the tissue that needs to be cut. Simply extend the blade, cut, retract the blade, remove the needle, and your procedure is

Imagine sending your patient home with no more than a Bandaid® . With the MICROi™ Blade you can. Benefits of MICROi™ Blade Surgery:
• Reduce patient recovery times
• Local instead of general anesthesia
• Reduce infection risk with smaller surgical area
• No need for stitches
• Less postoperative pain
• Faster return to full activity

Visualization of the blade during procedure minimizes trauma to adjacent soft tissue structures and confirms a successful tissue release.
Possible Imaging Systems include:
• Ultrasound
• Endoscopic

Opportunity to enhance patient care

• Patient care may be provided at your office.
Convenient for you and your patient.
• Greater patient satisfaction with less scarring,
faster recovery times, and less pain.

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Specifications MICROiBlade Sharp MICROiBlade Blunt
Purpose To pierce tissue To navigate through tissue

without cutting

Product # 220497A 220497B
Needle Length 95mm 95mm
Needle Diameter 16 GA 16 GA
Blade Height 3 mm 3mm