The Oxyfriend is a V-shaped silicone pad that adheres to a patient’s face during anaesthetic induction through to emergence.  Two channels through the Oxyfriend enclose standard nasal oxygen cannulae, sealing around the tubing.  It is shaped to provide a better air seal between the facemask and the patient, particularly beside the bridge of the nose.

The Oxyfriend supports the nasal cannulae tubing on the patient’s face and allows them to be used comfortably under the anaesthetic mask at the start and finish of anaesthesia. The use of nasal oxygen during anaesthetic airway manipulations has been well shown to reduce the occurrence of dangerously low levels of oxygen in the blood.

The strongest indication for the use of the Oxyfriend is in patients with diminished reserve or obesity.  The Oxyfriend is better able to integrate nasal cannulae into the general anaesthetic induction and emergence.


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